F.S.R. Addiction Services

Finding and Sustaining Recovery (FSR) is an integrated behavioral health treatment program designed to help people build sober and healthy lifestyles.

Quest Center is committed to providing the best in integrated behavioral health and physical health services. More than 72% of our clients are low income and/or medically underinsured. The Oregon Health Plan as well as other commercial insurance plans are welcomed.

Call (503) 238-5203 for any questions about joining us.

Your overall wellness is our aim

Quest Center is a supportive and inclusive environment. The program employs evidence-based practices to help empower you in your recovery.

Your integrity is our focus

Recovery begins with a conversation. Our counselors talk with you to co-create a recovery plan that works for you.

Your sustainable health is our goal

We believe sustainable recovery is grounded in community. We offer you a space to grow with others as you journey through recovery.


"Without the services I've received, I'd still believe I'm not worth recovery or life."

- FSR Client

FSR Zoom Groups