At Quest, we believe Nutrition is an essential building block in a healthy life. We offer three different means to engage in nutrition education and community building.

Quest Center began offering access to fresh, healthy food over 20 years ago to folx living with HIV. The goal was to offer healthy, nutritionally dense foods to a community suffering from chronic illness. Now, the nutrition education and healthy food access has expanded.

Community Nutrition Night

First is our weekly Nutrition Night. It is held every Thursday evening and is a free, public meal offered to all Quest community members. It is led by a Nutrition Coordinator and relies on donations from our local Whole Foods to create fresh, healthy meals for our community. Come see us next Thursday!

Nutrition Workshop

Second is our weekly Nutrition Workshop. It is held every Thursday evening and precedes the Nutrition Night dinner. Themes for the weekly workshop include: how to make bone broth, benefits of medicinal herbs, and more. Come see us next Thursday!

Quarterly Nutrition Group

Third is our Quarterly Nutrition Group. This group is held for 8-10 weeks every quarter, following a curriculum of nutrition education. It is integrated to our mental health department, and any Quest client can access the group. It is facilitated by a Nutrition Coordinator and follows themes which relate to our programs. For example, curriculum topics can range between anti-inflammatory diets to help manage chronic pain, vegetarian diets, and how to cook on a budget. Check the Service Calendar for more information on our Nutrition Group, available to all currently engaged clients!

All three of these programs offer different ways for clients to engage and start making changes in their lives. The information gained in these classes lead allow clients to gain health literacy and agency as they move through Quest’s health programming.


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