Wellness Movement

Quest Center offers different kinds of movement services which compliment all our programs. 

Quest Center understands that physical wellness is linked to many dimensions of who we are. Our providers endeavor to create trauma informed spaces for you to engage in movement which releases tension, anxiety and pain. 


Yoga is available to all Quest clients each week. Studies show yoga has a positive impact on chronic pain, cravings, mental health and more. Our practice is centered in offering yoga in a safe, comfortable space. All abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a combination of breath work, movement and meditation. It is effective in stimulating blood and lymphatic flow, optimizing oxygen absorption and boosting the body's innate healing ability. Quest offers Qi Gong at its Clackamas Location every Thursday. 

¡Bailé! Dance Therapy

Bailé Dance Therapy is a fun non-intimidating approach to the world of dance by using choreographic styles of the popular dance fitness form of Zumba, Hip Hop and Pop. Dance is an art form that has been shown to improve things such as self-awareness, self confidence and overall happiness by reinforcing a healthy lifestyle for both body and mind. Baile is available to all clients at Quest Center. 


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