WISH - Pain Management Program

WISH is an integrated medical and behavioral health program designed to treat chronic pain through the use of non-opioid interventions.

Quest Center is committed to providing the best in integrated behavioral health and physical health services. More than 72% of our clients are low income and/or medically underinsured. The Oregon Health Plan as well as other commercial insurance plans are welcomed.

Call (503) 238-5203 for any questions about joining us.

Your overall wellness is our aim

Understanding the source of your pain and its impact on all facets of your life is critical to addressing your healthcare needs.

Your integrity is our focus

We put your needs first. You are the ultimate authority over your experience.

Your sustainable health is our goal

Our healthcare providers work with you to build a program specifically tailored to your pain management needs.


"The services and interventions I have received have dramatically improved my quality of life. I am now able to engage in typical activities of daily life relatively pain and issue-free (physically, mentally, emotionally)."

- WISH Client


Quest Group Calendar

Although most of our in-person groups are suspended during Covid-19, we have implemented an excellent variety of Zoom Groups and Workshops which are open to Quest Clients. 

winter zoom groups