Our Services

Quest Center is a non-profit community wellness center that offers integrated health services to marginalized community members.

Our mission is to provide integrative healthcare services, community, and education to all people seeking a wellness-focused approach to living and dying.

The Five Pillar Programs We Offer to Our Community Members


WISH is an integrated medical and behavioral health program designed to treat chronic pain through the use of non-opioid interventions.

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FSR is based on the belief that all people who desire to live clean and sober can achieve a life of health and wellness without the use of substances.

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Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Medicine are offered at the clinic incorporating modern, traditional, scientific, and empirical methods.

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Mental Health

Our client-centered mental health services are tailored to meet the needs of individuals that we serve. All individuals seeking services collaborate with their clinician to create a service plan that focuses on their needs and mental health goals while incorporating their strengths and lived experiences.

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HIV Services

Quest Center has been meeting the holistic healthcare needs of Oregonians living with HIV since 1989. Today, Quest’s HIV Services department continues to serve this community through four Ryan White-funded programs as well as streamlined access to the agency’s broader culturally competent services. 

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