Katie Borofka, MPH, LCSW

head shot of woman

My therapeutic approach will vary from client to client depending on individual needs, and my broad approach to therapy comes from believing that there are multiple and coexisting truths in the world: there is no one “right” way to be in this world. I aim to facilitate dialogue so you can create new meanings about your experiences, experience a positive relationship with yourself, and experience healing. As I do not think I can ever truly know what it is like to be someone else, I do not think of myself as an “expert problem-solver.” Rather, I consider myself to be someone that can help you uncover your own personal truths, power, and voice through the creation of a compassionate and warm relationship.

My educational, professional, and personal journeys have centered issues of social justice and human sexuality, and I am happy to be working at Quest where these issues are given preference and respect. I have a great deal of experience with and knowledge about LGBTQI, ethically nonmonogamous, and kinky relationships, identities, and orientations. In addition, I have experience with and knowledge about sex work, and approach work in the sex industry in an affirming way. I have also worked in the sexual and domestic violence prevention and intervention field and understand both the trauma and resiliency that come from abusive relationships. I operate from a weight-inclusive and HAES (Health At Every Size) framework, and offer curiosity and compassion around body acceptance work. I am passionate about relationship health, choice, consent, and self-awareness, and strive to be an open hearted person who creates a safe and welcoming space for clients so they can discover new things about themselves.

In my free time, I gain strength and relaxation from being in the sun, baking, reading, exercising, and spending time with my partners and dogs.

I graduated with my BA from UC Berkeley in Peace & Conflict Studies, and my MPH and MSW from Portland State. I will be pursuing licensure through the state of Oregon as a clinical social worker as well as AASECT-accredited sex therapy training.