Medical Appointment Details



As we adapt to online appointments, we are now asking patients to please complete the following online check-in form before EVERY appointment. 

Morning appointments: Please complete by 4 PM the day before your appointment. 
Afternoon appointments: Please complete by 11 AM the day of your appointment. 

Click here for the online check-in form

You can save the form as an "app" to your smartphone's home screen for easy access. Follow these instructions and let us know if you have any questions.


At this time, all visits are done virtually using the following:

ZoomPatients will be sent a link via email within 24 hours of the appointment when they receive their reminder call.
PhoneThe doctor will call you around the time of your appointment. The number will show as "No Caller ID", so please answer.

Scheduling for new patients:

Please complete the Client Interest Form on our MyQuest page.

Scheduling for current patients: 

We require 48 hours’ notice for cancellations. If you must cancel, please provide a reason.

How to schedule a follow up with Dr. Neal: Please contact us at if you are a current patient of Dr. Neal. Appointments are scheduled based on availability and acuity.

How to schedule a follow up with Dr. Quinn: Please schedule an appointment for Dr. Quinn by calling our office front desk at 503-238-5203. Visits are 30 minutes via phone or Zoom. Please be aware that you only have 30 minutes and visits cannot exceed this limit. 

How to schedule a follow up with Dr. Garcia: Please schedule an appointment for Dr. Garcia by calling our office front desk at 503-238-5203. Visits are 30 minutes via phone or Zoom. Please be aware that you only have 30 minutes and visits cannot exceed this limit. You must be currently seeing your Mental Health therapist in order to continue seeing Dr. Garcia.


Visit Summaries will be emailed using encryption within 48 hours after your appointment. 

Any questions regarding information covered in the visit can be sent to You may be asked to schedule another appointment if your questions require it.

Lab orders: Please review the information in our Blood Draw Information handout if you are wanting labs ordered or need your annual labs ordered. 

Prescriptions: For prescription refills, please be aware of the indicated number of refills you have left on your current prescription bottles and allow up to 3 business days for your refill request to be processed. For non-adderall refills, please call your pharmacy to request more refills so they can fax us the order. This informs us which pharmacy you would like to use, and whether we need to have you in for a follow up or blood draw, or whether we need to change your prescription. Patients must be seen at least once a year by their provider for continued prescription management. 

Controlled substances: Refills at the discretion of your provider and adherence to our controlled substances policy is required. 

LDN refills: Please call your pharmacy if you need a refill at your current dosage. If a change of dosage is needed, please let us know, along with the name of the pharmacy. For more information on LDN and its benefits, visit this website


Most supplements can be ordered online via Wellevate. Patients must complete a waiver before they are registered. To Register, Sign the waiver here. Please allow 48 hours for your account to be created. Brands not available on Wellevate: Professional Formulas, APEX Energetics, and Mountain Peak

Apex Energetics supplements can be ordered online at Apex Energetics. Use the code word “QuestCenter” to create an account.

Mountain Peak supplements can be ordered online at Mountain Peak Supplements.


Medical Acknowledgement and Consent Form (Quest Policies)
Anti-Inflammatory Handout
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