Quest Medical Team - Covid 19 Policies

In an effort to limit COVID-19 Coronavirus exposure for both our clients and staff, for the time being, the Quest Center medical team will only be conducting patient "virtual visits".  We have video technology in place, through Zoom. For those clients who have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone, they will meet with their provider by video. If clients do not have video capability, their call will automatically take place with audio only.

Charges and co-pays will apply as per your typical office visit, and we will continue to bill your insurance as usual. Contact our business office should you have any questions or concerns.

Our staff will contact you with information on how to sign into Zoom at your scheduled appointment time. They will also send you a document to sign before that visit, consenting to a telemedicine visit. Dr. Neal's patients coming in for osteopathic treatments will be rescheduled.  She will be available for video consultation.  

It is unclear when we will reopen. We will be reassessing this on an ongoing basis.

Thank you for your understanding.  We hope this helps all of us to stay healthy and to do what we can to limit the spread of the virus. We send you our very best intentions and caring support.

Please review the information provided below.  

Check out this video to learn more about manual therapies to support your immune system. 


We do not conduct COVID-19 testing at this time. Please contact your PCP for this.


For prescription refills, please be aware of the indicated number of refills you have left on your current prescription bottles and allow up to 3 business days for your refill request to be processed. For non-controlled substance refills, please call your pharmacy to request more refills so they can fax us the order. This allows us to know which pharmacy you would like to use, and whether we need to have you in for a follow up or blood draw, or whether we need to change your prescription. Patients must be seen at least once a year by their provider for continued prescription management. 

Early refill requests: will be forwarded to your provider and filled at their discretion. 

LDN refills: Please call your pharmacy if you need a refill at your current dosage. If a change of dosage is needed, please let us know, along with the name of the pharmacy.


Apex Energetics supplements can be ordered online at Use the code word “QuestCenter” to create an account. 

All other supplements can be ordered online via Please allow 48 business hours to register your account. To be registered to order, you need to consent to our supplement use liability waiver. Please email the following to if you would like access to Wellevate:

“I (Insert name here) on (Date) understand and agree to the following terms and conditions for using the online dispensary, Wellevate, LLC, through Quest Center for Integrative Health. 

Quest Center for Integrative Health offers access to an online dispensary, Wellevate, LLC, from which you may order supplements recommended to you by your healthcare practitioner. As a convenience to patients, Quest Center also allows access on Wellevate to other supplements commonly used for health maintenance and wellness.

It is recommended that you use the supplements specified for you by your healthcare practitioner. If you choose to purchase and use supplements available on Wellevate that have not been specifically recommended for you or use any product not as prescribed, you agree that Quest Center for Integrative Health, along with its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, agents and employees, shall not be held liable for any and all harms, costs, claims, causes of action, losses, and damages monetary and otherwise which you may incur from the use of self-prescribed supplements."


Our medical assistant Ryan Smidt will be out on vacation until Thursday April 2nd.


All emails to Ryan will be forwarded to the front desk staff, while he is on vacation.  The front office staff will forward them to your provider as needed. Please allow 48 business hours for a response. 

The front desk will try to check Ryan's voicemails at least twice a day.  If you have any questions that can't wait until he returns on 4/2, please send an email, or call the front office staff directly at extension 100 or 101.

Dr. Quinn: All appointments will be conducted through Zoom for the time being. If you don't have video capability (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc) your call will automatically go to audio. Visit summaries will be emailed within 48 hours following the appointment. All lab orders will be sent to Quest Diagnostics. Please visit this link for location information: 

Dr. Garcia: All appointments will be conducted through Zoom for the time being. If you don't have video capability (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc) your call will automatically go to audio. All lab orders will be sent to Quest Diagnostics. Please visit this link for location information: 

Dr. Neal:  Appointments for osteopathic treatment have been cancelled until 3/30.  She will be available for consultation via Zoom. Her April schedule will be in flux until we have more clarity on the situation. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding.


We require 48 hours notice for cancellations. Please provide a reason for cancelling. 

Dr. Quinn and Dr. Garcia schedule requests: Please contact the front desk at (503) 238-5203 for any changes. Telemedical appointments only for the time being. 

Dr. Neal schedule requests: If you have had a recent injury, new occurrence or acute aggravation of pain or other issues, please send an email to Please provide the date of injury/ onset/ aggravation of issue, location, quality, 1-10 rating, and any other important details, and staff will notify Dr. Neal and add you to the waiting list.  Let us know if you would like to schedule a telemedicine consult. For non-urgent appointments, you may contact the front desk and they will notify Dr. Neal. We will not be able to finalize appointments until our schedule is more clear.

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