Quest Delivered 290 Care Packages

The Holiday Season is about giving and community. If one had dropped by the house of David Eisen (Quest Center's Executive Director) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, they would have found boxes upon boxes- stacks filling up his entire carport. Gifts? Yes. Hundreds of them. But these boxes of presents were not meant for immediate friends and family, rather unmet members in the Portland Metro community. Using Dr. Eisen's carport to get the packages filled and ready, Quest Center was able to fill several hundred packs full of totes stuffed with toiletries, essentials, covid care information, masks, and health supplies to give away to those in need.

On December 26th, Quest delivered and distributed 290 of these packed gifts to folks in need in the parking lot of C3PO (Creating Conscious Communities with People Outside) villages and other independent camps. "It was really a sight to see," Sam Eisen (David's son) said. "Folks were incredibly kind and appreciative telling us again and again that we had gone above and beyond." 

Not only has it been a hard year for all, but the holiday season can be an emotionally hard time for many, and on top of this, the climate is cold to the point where having essential supplies is crucial for survival. 

This sort of giving and connection is what Quest stands for and stands with. Giving (in its many forms) is part of Quest's fabric and heartbeat. This will remain true for Quest in 2021 and for as long as our community bands together. Thank you for being part of the Quest family.