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Supporting Quest Center is more important than ever. 

Dear Quest Community,

Like many other nonprofits in Oregon, Quest will be physically closed until further notice as we adapt to telehealth operations. Our commitment is to continue serving our community however we can during this time. We continue to work very closely with our community over the phone, providing folks with case management services, no-contact peer mentor support and counseling. Telehealth conferencing is available for select groups.

Folks in our community experience an increased need for support any time that our building is closed, but this particular closure is especially concerning because it came about relatively quickly, and it coincides with the deeper economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on low-income communities. As you likely know, Quest serves a population including those who are low income, living with HIV, chronic pain, and behavioral health issues. In addition to living in poverty, many of our community also face additional challenges including unstable housing, isolation, mental health needs, and/or just beginning their journey in recovery. 

Quest urges you to give to our Covid-19 Response Fund today to help us meet the critical needs of our community during this time. Their needs are significant now, and will likely increase as the pandemic continues. Why? Because:

 - Even before Covid-19, many of our community have existing trauma with medical systems and epidemics. Now more than ever is the time to support them.
 - With many businesses limiting hours and not allowing people to work while sick, our community’s jobs are at risk.
 - Shelters, food banks, and other emergency services are already at or near capacity, so the best way for folks to get what they urgently need is often to purchase food, get them a night at a motel, or help with the rent.
 - Our mental health providers are moving away from established in-person counseling sessions and are instead moving to online sessions, this limits Quest’s ability to generate revenue to provide services.

- While some insurances do cover online sessions, Quest’s group services are closed and will not be billable until group restrictions are lifted.
 - The increased need for emergency support will last as long as the pandemic continues.

We want our community to be as safe and healthy as possible. Please help us provide them the support that they need by making a financial gift. 
Many thanks to those of you who have already made a donation to Quest’s COVID-19 Response Fund above and beyond your typical financial support. We are also incredibly grateful to the many businesses in our community who are stepping up to provide critical resources for people in need. We are hopeful that by all working together, our community can take care of those less fortunate during this monumental time in our history. 


David Eisen, L.Ac., MSW, OMD(am)
Quest Executive Director

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