Katie Rumer-Cleary, LAc

head shot of woman

Katie got her start in the healing arts at The Body Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara in 1992.  She worked as a massage therapist for seven years before she started school at the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine (SBCOM) in 1997.  What made her choose to begin her schooling there was her experience with her first acupuncture treatment.  She’d had debilitating pain in her knees that went away completely with one session!  She decided that if she was skeptical and she still attained that tremendous result, there must be something deeply validating to it. And she was right.

She left SBCOM in 1999 and continued her education in Portland at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where she received her master’s degree in Oriental Medicine in 2002.  From there, she opened a private practice and helped to create Hood River Acupuncture Seminars in The Gorge until 2004.  She moved back to Santa Barbara and opened a private practice for a few years and then realized that she couldn’t stand to be away from Oregon any longer. Katie moved back to Portland with her sweetie to be back in the arms of the tall trees, surrounded by water again.

Her favorite quote right now is by Mahatma Gandhi:  “My message?  My message is my life.”

Today, Katie is a volunteer with Serenity Hospice, working not only with those who are actively dying but also, their families.  Her passion in life is supporting people in their own transformation of pain and suffering in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms.  She’s also worked in the realm of recovery for the past few years and is adept at working with those in the recovery process.  She likes to say, “When you feel like you’re in a house that’s burning down and everyone around you is running out to safety, I’ll run back inside to be with you and we’ll get through this together.”  And she means it.

Katie sits as on the Alumni Board of OCOM as vice-president, is also a teaching assistant at OCOM and a Toastmaster.  She lives in Milwaukie with her wonderful husband, his dear mother and their three kitties. She adores hiking, Jazzercise, meditation, making art, gardening, bird-watching, reading, her family, friends and basically every being with a heartbeat!  She will tell you that she loves the people that come there as well as those with whom she works.  Her sense that she’s found another branch of extended-family at Quest Center for Integrative Health is truly extraordinary.  Today, Katie is truly blessed to work as an acupuncturist for Quest with both the WISH program and FSR.  She couldn’t feel more perfectly at home.