Quest Center proudly offers transitional, sober housing for LGBTQIA2S+ and HIV+ clients in our FSR Program. 

The Quest House is a partnership between Bridges to Change and Quest Center for Integrative Health. Quest House is culturally specific transitional housing for LGBTQIA2S+, HIV+ and non-binary individuals engaged in outpatient alcohol and drug treatment at Quest Center. The Quest House can house nine individuals with the goal of supporting them in making a successful transition back into the community.

The length of stay is approximately 6 months. During their tenancy individuals work with the Housing Case Manager to develop a Supportive Housing Plan that identifies and supports the removal of any barriers to obtaining and sustaining permanent housing.


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Research suggests LGBTQIA2S+ people — and most prominently transgender people — experience higher rates of substance use disorder, depression and other mental health conditions directly tied to stigma, discrimination and family rejection. Finding supportive housing while engaging in treatment can, at times, be difficult and the lack of housing can hinder success in early recovery. Our hope is to improve housing and health outcomes by reducing the risk factors that lead to homelessness for these historically marginalized communities. Early recovery can be painful and isolating, often necessitating a departure from known places and people as individuals pursue help to break the cycles of addiction in their lives. 

Through high-quality evidence-based treatment, including mental health, acupuncture, exercise, nutrition and case management services, we empower individuals to build resilience, become self-sufficient, and achieve healthy sober lives. The Quest Recovery Home seeks to open a door to a safe and nurturing home for some of our most vulnerable clients as they transition into recovery.

For more information contact the Housing Case Manager at 503-238-5203 or complete a Client Interest Form below.


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